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Want Undercover Retail Detectives to Stop Shoplifters in Their Tracks?

Prevent shoplifters who want to steal from your retail business by hiring experienced undercover store detectives. Our dedicated and highly-trained retail security team have been providing retailers with unbeatable protection for over 20 years across the UK.

We’re listed in the Top 5% of SIA-qualified UK private security companies, with a customer retention rate of 95%. When you hire our undercover retail store detectives, you know you’ll be choosing a reliable and trusted security firm that understand customers from day one.

Offering the ultimate protection when it comes to your retail business, discreet store detectives can take your security to the next level and provide your stock and staff with the protection it needs.

Hire retail security detectives

Subtle Security with Enhanced Monitoring

Too often we hear of retail stores having stock stolen from criminals entering unseen through back entrances into the building, or distracting sales assistants at the tills with lots of questions whilst another person steals from the shop floor.

Stop this from happening by hiring undercover retail detectives for your business who will patrol the shop floor effectively and subtly.

Detectives will wear citizen clothing to blend in with shoppers, at the same time watching carefully for anything suspicious.

In the event of any violence ensuing on confronting criminals, our team will make sure members of the public won’t be harmed.

Hire retail store detectives and prevent shoplifting

Hiring Retail Security Guards Prevents Crime

Each year retailers across the country report significant losses due to shoplifting, accounting to a loss of approximately £500m a year.

We understand that you simply don’t have enough time to monitor every single customer, but it is essential to protect your retail business so to avoid monetary losses, and potentially reputational damage.

In order to safeguard your stock and staff from becoming part of crime statistics, hire retail store detectives with Churchill and deter this behaviour from happening on your premises.

Our vigorous assessments and SIA qualifications ensure that each detective is equipped with dealing with threatening situations.

Benefits to Your Business with Retail Store Detectives

Effective Staff Monitoring

At the end of each day staff will have bags and coats checked to ensure no stolen stock leaves with them.

Rapid Response to Crime

Shoplifters and individuals who threaten members of your team will be dealt with robustly and quickly.

Secure Stock and Revenue

Stockrooms and shop floors will be monitored consistently with detectives blending in with customers to spot suspicious activity straight away.

SIA-Qualified and Approved

Each of our store detectives are SIA qualified in dealing with any situation which poses as a threat to your business, as well as our approval in the Top 5% of private security firms in the UK.

Safeguarded Staff

The safety of your retail staff is something which should never be overlooked. Our detectives will protect from criminal activity and threatening behaviour.

Available 24/7

Any time of the day or night retail security detectives can be deployed, 365 days of the year.

Hire Committed and SIA Approved Retail Store Detectives for Ultimate Protection

No one wants huge financial losses from shoplifters’ exploits and Churchill Security understand that not only stock protection, but your staff and customers need protected too. Whether your retail business is in a bustling city or small town, we can provide security in numerous locations UK-wide.

If you’re looking to go above and beyond a security guard and aren’t looking to provide that deterrent factor but want undercover personnel to catch any potential thieves red handed then hire retail store detectives with Churchill Security today.

“I have been using Churchill Security for many years and have always been completely satisfied with their performance and value. I often need to request guard cover at very short or sometime without notice at all. Churchill have always be able to provide cover and fulfill my requests.”

Michael Brooks, Dobbies Garden Centres Limited

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