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Invest in Retail Security Services

Retail security requires a fine balance of protection and poise.

For your customers there is nothing worse than an overzealous staff member trying to act as your security presence while following your every move because it’s a sure fire way to upset the atmosphere in your shop and generally just make feel people uncomfortable.

The cost of retail crime is not something that should merely be thought of in a monetary value. There is a knock on affect that has somewhat of an unstoppable force when it comes to the reputation of your shop. Every town has that one shop that’s constantly got its windows boarded up, and trust me, you don’t want to be that shop because, to shoppers it will be viewed with trepidation and for thieves, it will forever be viewed as one big easy target. The only way to break the chain is to instil a reliable security presence that can consistently protect and prevent.

For consumers, a pleasant customer experience is everything. In a similar way that the brain rarely forgets a bad smell, shoppers rarely forget a terrible day on the high street, especially if a customer has been wrongly victimised and ESPECIALLY if it was caused by an easily avoidable situation. We Brits love nothing more than a good moan so if you don’t want to become blacklisted on your town’s retail map, here’s how we can help you.

Let’s look at the facts shall we?

Taking your retail security into your own hands can be a dangerous move for many reasons, but none more than this simple fact – you’re probably looking in the wrong area.

Last year customer theft rose by 2.8% and while you were busy scowling at every customer that innocently walked through your doors, guess what you missed? A 29% increase in supplier and warehouse fraud costing business owners £246m. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt!

Here at Churchill we not only protect your shopping space, we keep an eye on industry trends so we know exactly where to look in order to reduce the risks you are exposed to and catch those nasty perpetrators before they can cause any real damage to your bottom line.

In the UK today there are 5.9 million CCTV cameras. Driven by a somewhat ‘vulture culture’, councils up and down the country believe a CCTV system will solve a city’s crime quicker than you can say ‘gotcha’. But the truth is, to an extent, CCTV cameras are useless without a) someone using it effectively and b) a retail guard or guards on the ground acting as a proactive deterrent in your shop.

If you take anything from this article – let it be this: DIY security is always one big no no. You’ll cause more harm than good so trust us when we say – leave it to the professionals. For the best advice on your retail security, call our team at Churchill and find out what simple, seamless solutions we will implement into your retail space. You’ll be glad you left it to the experts!

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