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Christmas is around the corner, but is there something more menacing hiding in the dark?

A proud nation best known for picturesque rolling countryside scenes, Yorkshire is a county with plenty to protect. Add shady opportunists, a boozy cheerful spirit and unfortunately for some, it spells disaster.

As security experts, we can’t help but develop a tinge of, shall we call it, ‘realism’ towards annual events like Christmas. Yes it’s a time for sharing and festive merriment but whilst we’re distracted by twinkly lights and mulled wine, someone could be pulling a fast one on you. Don’t worry, we aren’t having a scrooge moment and Christmas isn’t cancelled, we’re simply drawing on past experience when it comes to security in Yorkshire at this time of year.

Rather than worrying about things that might happen or dwelling on the maybes, today we’re going to give you five tangible things to be wary of this winter and indeed the Christmas period.

5 things to be wary of in Yorkshire this Christmas

  1. Burglars

The common crime over Crimbo, burglars like to hit you when you aren’t looking so don’t give anyone reason to believe your property hasn’t got the kind of coverage that wouldn’t look out of place at Buckingham Palace. Solution: combined mobile and static patrols.

  1. Darkness

Not exactly something you can prevent but you can certainly prepare for the hours of darkness. It gives criminals the perfect cloak of anonymity but that doesn’t mean there aren’t steps to take to protect yourself. Solution: CCTV installation and monitoring.

  1. Opportunists

Typically the worst kind of criminals: those that see an ‘opportunity’ and take advantage of it. That opportunity is probably due to a chink in your armour so make sure you have a watertight security plan in place. Solution: CCTV with combined mobile and static patrols.

  1. Anti-social behaviour

Lots of towns and cities experience anti-social behavioural patterns and stats show this kind of activity increases over Christmas, unfortunately accelerated by the consumption of alcohol. Avoid becoming an anti-social behaviour magnet by showing a strong and consistent security presence is guarding your business or property when it’s most vulnerable. Solution: high visibility boards alongside our mobile and static patrols.

  1. Alcohol

There isn’t much we can do about people getting too drunk, but the sad truth is it can lead to vandalism of your property. This yet again highlights the many, varied angles of threats you are exposed to. Even a night out can lead to the wrong kind of people causing havoc to your building. Common sense tells you prevention is key, so make sure you have the necessary tools to protect yourself when no one else can. Solution: CCTV and static patrols.

Here are just 5 threats you are vulnerable to over Christmas. Don’t let the list grow. Contain the threats by letting us manage your security now. We know the drill, we understand the peaks and trends and we’ve had years of experience dealing with situations similar to yours.

Don’t delay – contact Churchill now and let us have your back this winter. You won’t regret it.

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