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Essex has, what can only be described as a longstanding and certainly rather colourful history when it comes to crime in the area.

Suffering from a rise in incidents such as knife crime, metal theft and anti-social behaviour due to an increase in empty houses scattered across the county, the original home of drug gangs is still proving to be somewhere that’s plagued by many different crimes. Couple this with very available legal highs in the area (which has resulted in a spike in local violence and vandalism) and the safety of your business or property in Essex all of a sudden sits under a rather dark, daunting cloud.

Whilst hard pushed councils struggle to roll out suitable solutions to meet new crime trends and police officers demand street lights are turned on for longer hours as a crime deterrent, business owners are turning more and more to professional security services in order to deliver a cushion of safety to combat the town’s various and ever growing threats.

What do our security guards in Essex do?

Familiar with areas that struggle with repeat crime, what you really want to avoid when crime patterns strike in your area is the risk of becoming what’s known as a ‘soft target.’ If you have a weak public perception, criminals will target you without thinking twice about the often irreversible damage they cause. As a business, you do not want this to happen because it can signal the start of years and years of trouble not to mention the detrimental affect it would have on your reputation as a reliable business. We’ve seen it happen and stepping in after reoccurring events like this makes guarding that little bit harder so acting proactively really is in your best interests.

Certain crime is avoidable

Facing the ever changing threats on your behalf, we take on the full responsibility of your office, business or property and we work around the clock to implement a reliable but more importantly, a sustainable strategy that will keep criminal’s a bay now and in the future.

At the end of the day, just because the area or city your business operates in falls victim to crime trends, it doesn’t mean your establishment should suffer. Trends come and go, threats ebb and flow but your security measures in Essex should not be treated on an as and when basis. In order to appear as a slick, well protected business that no criminal would even dream of targeting, you can rely on our manned guarding services, mobile visits and internal patrols.

Picking up the phone today is the first step. Don’t wait for the first challenge to hit. Act now and let’s start planning a fool-proof preventative strategy that’ll keep you off the soft target list now and forever.

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Emily Macaulay Churchill Security Client Relationship Manager

Emily is responsible for business growth and account development via new sales. She manages a team of Client Relationship Executives through strategic goals and objectives in line with business targets. Emily is a friendly, approachable and a respected senior manager at Churchill always striving to deliver service excellence.