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A warehouse is not simply just a storage facility. In today’s world, an effective distribution system is fundamental to the success of your business. However, in order to effectively distribute your products and optimise your entire supply chain system, you need to have a proper warehouse security plan in place.

Warehouses can be home to goods worth millions and, due to this, they are easy targets for criminals. Often located in remote locations, large in size and with complex layouts, risks can arise such as external theft and even theft from employees – which is much harder to detect.

Large companies such as Amazon often report theft from their own employees, with one employee last year being suspected of stealing $250,000 worth of goods. We have listed below five ways to improve warehouse security to ensure that your valuables, inventory and assets are protected from theft or vandalism.


Employee Screening

One way that you can minimise the chance of internal theft is by screening your employees prior to hiring. This will help you to identify any potential high-risk clients. By carrying out employee screening, including criminal background checks, you immediately reduce the chance of internal theft which is often the most prominent security risk to warehouses.


Access Control

By having a proper access control system in place, you can minimise unauthorised personnel from accessing your warehouse. Hiring a security guard to monitor everybody coming into the warehouse means that you can protect your company from losses and maintain your reputation as a reliable partner. Another way you can control access is through ID cards or electronic passes that enable access to the building.

Churchill Security can provide highly trained and efficient security guards to monitor access to your warehouse and ensure that your premises don’t fall victim to vandals, threats or anyone else posing a threat to the success of your business.


CCTV Installation & Monitoring

Having a CCTV system in place will act as a highly effective visual deterrent to criminals. It would also be wise to have video screens located around the building, as this shows employees that there are multiple people watching what is happening throughout the premises at any given time.

Churchill have a range of bespoke CCTV installation and monitoring solutions available. The benefits of CCTV with Churchill give you many reasons to opt for this fuss-free, high impact security tool. Using CCTV will allow you to focus on running the day-to-day operations of your warehouse, with the reassurance that CCTV is monitoring inside and outside the building.


Mobile Patrols

With many warehouses spanning thousands of square feet, it is important that you ensure every inch is protected. Full protection from external and internal threats will ultimately allow your distribution operation to run at its full potential.

Mobile patrols will be able to effectively monitor every inch of your premise and maintain total security throughout the warehouse. Many opportunists often take advantage or larger areas; therefore, visibility is paramount. Mobile patrols will be fully uniformed and in a marked vehicle and will act as a highly effective security measure.


Random Inspections

Employee theft is on the rise, with it reported to have cost UK businesses £40m in the past year. Most employees are honest and will not steal from their employer, however there is always a minority that will take advantage of their position.

Carrying out random inspections of your workforce will deter employees from taking the opportunity to steal your goods. Trained security guards can conduct regular random inspections and stock takes to ensure that nothing is stolen or going missing.


Churchill Security is a leading national provider of tailored security solutions. We have provided first-class security services to the industrial and warehouse industry for over 20 years. Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation quote.


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