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Across the UK, energy is relied upon by millions of people. Without power, chaos would more than likely ensue in the form of blackouts, loss of fuel, water supplies being cut and a shutdown of the internet.

Because the use of energy resources is so important to us, if something were to happen to the places in which it is created, it would be incredibly detrimental to society.

Energy and natural resources security is an essential element for any business supplying energy services. Threats to the industry present themselves in the form of thieves targeting cables, plant machinery and generators – and occasionally, activists seeking to cause disruption.

Here are six steps to follow when it comes to safeguarding your energy and natural resources business from harm:


  1. CCTV

Installing CCTV cameras near your power plant, windfarm or solar farm enables you to record anyone trespassing, causing vandalism or stealing from your business. Cameras should be placed high enough so that no one can damage them – a tactic which also gives you a wider field of vision. As well as recording criminal offences, CCTV can be monitored 24/7 so that any security incidents can be responded to as quickly as possible.


  1. Security Guards

Hiring security guards is the most effective form of security you can get. Security guards can monitor your premises 24/7, perform regular checks across your site and can provide a rapid, expert response to any suspicious activity as quickly as possible – including emergency services liaison. They can be deployed as static guards or as mobile patrols – able to check on premises in remote locations at any time of the day or night.


  1. Intruder Alarms

Installing effective alarm systems will add an additional layer of security to your business. Regular checks and repairs of alarm systems should be conducted, as should scheduling false alarms to test that they are working when you’re not around.


  1. Warning Signs

Warning signs should be placed around the perimeter of your site and at all access points. These should highlight the penalties for trespassing, stealing and vandalising. This will help to deter criminals from coming any closer to the area .


  1. Updated PINs/Passwords

Frequently updating PINs and passwords for doors, as well as computers and systems, will help decrease the chances of someone illegally gaining access to your energy business.


  1. Lighting

Using effective lighting across the premises will help to prevent trespassers from hiding and lurking in dark shadows. Plenty of bright lighting will also give the impression that the location is being used and therefore monitored.



Churchill Security is an SIA-approved and accredited private security company with energy and natural resources security across numerous UK locations.

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