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Mat Cook and Lee Meddows shaking hands

Churchill Security are pleased to announce a brand-new sponsorship with local Taekwondo club, Supreme Taekwondo.

Supreme Taekwondo Academy in Widnes, Cheshire is run by Lee Beddows, who has 35 years’ experience of the sport. He believes the sponsorship will help with the club’s continuity and progression, as well as supplying kit for those who may need help to afford it.

Speaking about what the sponsorship means to the club, Lee said, “It is a brilliant opportunity to help the club grow. It could provide new equipment, advertisement and help the club expand. This is a great opportunity to host and travel to different events – which will benefit the students massively.”

Churchill are supporting the Academy to reach out to people who need support and influence in the local areas, where communities are perhaps less fortunate and may have limited access to privileges that can have direct positive influences on their lives.

We want to help young people have a positive place to attend to give them focus, getting them involved in a diverse environment which teaches respect, discipline and a sense of self pride, values, purpose, and a winning mentality.

Managing Director of Churchill Mat Cook said, “Churchill hope to enable the club to attract more students and gain more members who attend a regular and disciplined programme that will benefit and enhance lives through well-being, physically and mentally.”

“Physical Education is not taught in some primary schools and funding is limited, which presents challenges. Being aware of the enjoyment it brings the students and the passion the club has towards what they do, we decided to engage. Churchill want to prevent the kids and the community from losing out unnecessarily.”

Supreme Taekwondo Academy will host a tournament on July 14th at the Upton Community Centre, with clubs from all over the country attending. Students will compete against each other in a fair and friendly event. Tickets for spectators are available on the day for a £3 entrance fee.

Lee said of the event, “There’ll be a two-ring set up on mats, judges and referees from different clubs volunteering to help out. There will also be an on-site canteen for snacks and food, seating for spectators as well as medals and trophies for winners and runners-up.”

Supreme Taekwondo Academy encourage people of any age from four and above to join in and try the sport.

Lee said, “The benefits are fantastic – you can learn at your own pace. You don’t need to have any prior experience. We are a friendly and welcoming family, there to help you on your journey.”

For more information about the club visit the Supreme Taekwondo Academy website and keep checking Churchill Security’s social media and website for updates.

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Mat Cook

Director at Churchill Security Ltd

Mat is a decisive and determined member of the team but he is also first class leader and as Director at Churchill Security he is responsible for exercising leadership, maintaining a high morale and directing and inspecting the performance of security personnel who have been assigned to sites up and down the country.