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Mobile security patrols provide an effective way to manage security over large premises or multiple geographically dispersed sites. Unlike static guards, mobile security guards perform regular comprehensive scheduled and unscheduled checks of the entirety of premises they are guarding. This makes them especially effective for shopping centres, large manufacturing sites, rural premises and industrial estates.

In this article, we have listed some of the key ways in which mobile security patrols will benefit your business.


Strong Visible Presence

By hiring mobile security patrols, your business will benefit from a strong visual deterrent against crime. Regular checks undertaken by uniformed security staff will be noticeable to any criminals scoping out your premises, and security signage informing intruders of the fact that your site’s under surveillance will further decrease the chances of your property being targeted.


24/7 Monitoring

Mobile security patrols can operate at any time. Most burglaries, cases of vandalism and criminal damage takes place at night (especially over the weekends). By ensuring your property is monitored at all times, you will make committing a crime on your premises much more difficult.


Rapid Response Time

In order to be effective, mobile patrols need to be able to respond to any security incidents – whether that’s an alarm sounding, an intruder being caught on CCTV or guards receiving notice of suspicious activity – quickly. To do this, a good mobile patrol team will ensure that they’re always either on site or in close proximity to it throughout the duration of their shift. Mobile security staff will also record any incidents in logbooks, detailing any security events so that you have a record of what’s happened.


Health and Safety Skills

Mobile security officers can be first aid and fire safety trained, as well as experts in evacuation planning and health and safety procedures. If any of your employees or visitors become unwell, if a fire breaks out or if you encounter any health and safety issues, a nearby patrol officer will be able to assist in a rapid and effective way.


Internal Patrols

If your business requires internal patrols to be conducted, mobile security patrols are able to monitor the interiors of buildings. Your mobile security team will check the status of expensive equipment and valuables, patrol rooms and corridors, remove hazards and ensure that emergency exit routes are properly maintained and clear of clutter.



Mobile security officers can also provide keyholding duties. This means they will have the ability to access your business location at any time of the day or night. This allows them to shut off alarms if they falsely alert, let people into the property when required and ensure that you always have access to a working set of keys.


Mobile CCTV

Churchill Security offer mobile CCTV units, which can be operated by mobile patrol staff. Our Mobile CCTV unit is fitted with state-of-the-art CCTV cameras (six fixed and two pan tilt zoom cameras). The unit features a three-man control room, meaning cameras can be viewed from within the vehicles at any time, as well as video recording capabilities and a PA system. More information about this service can be found on our CCTV page.


Churchill Security is a national security company and an expert provider of mobile patrol security services, including the provision of mobile CCTV units. We tailor our mobile security packages to meet each of our clients’ individual needs.

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