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Almost every business requires security of some description.

However, many are unsure about whether they should create an internal security team or enlist the services of a professional security provider. In this article, we look at some of the benefits businesses which choose to outsource their security requirements enjoy.


Expertise and Reliability

An experienced and accredited security company provides your business with much more than a security solution. Bringing to the table years of industry experience, the advice and support a good security provider can provide will ensure that your business is properly protected.

Unfortunately, the threat landscape facing modern businesses is changing every day. Additionally, the type of business you run – as well as where it is located – will determine what kind of threats you face.

A professional security provider will be aware of all of this, enabling them to put in place security measures tailored to your specific circumstances. This keeps costs down – by ensuring you never pay for security measures you don’t require – and guarantees your business will remain maximally secure.

A high-quality security provider will also be incredibly reliable. Delivering security is how they pay the bills. As such, their reputation hinges on the quality of their services – meaning a quality security provider will place a lot of value on delivering excellent customer service, a reliable service and comprehensive protection.


Time and Cost Savings

Creating and maintaining an internal security team is an expensive and time-consuming process. In order to legally work in the security industry, an individual must hold an SIA license. The cost of a license is currently £220. Add to this equipment, uniform, insurance and auditing costs, and creating an in-house security team can quickly become an incredibly expensive undertaking.

At the same time, an in-house security department requires experienced management and dependable, hard-working staff. Sourcing this talent can be difficult and costly. As can finding replacement staff when people fall ill or take leave.

On-going training – especially around cyber-security, health and safety, first aid and fire safety – can also prove to be expensive. However, if your staff are not properly trained in these areas, you risk exposing your business to additional vulnerabilities and threats.

When you choose a professional security provider, however, all training, management, equipment, insurance and recruitment costs are eliminated. What’s more, you’ll never be stuck short-staffed, since your provider will have an extensive list of on-call guards they can switch in at short notice.


Guaranteed High Quality Services

The UK security industry is tightly regulated. This prevents unscrupulous companies setting up shop and potentially putting their customers at risk with low-grade solutions. However, companies which choose to create their own in-house security teams are not subject to these regulations.

Unless you have previous experience or knowledge about how to implement effective security, your internal security team is unlikely to meet the standards that private security companies are expected to achieve. This can be dangerous: if any security do incidents occur, you will be entirely responsible for the fallout – whether that’s legal repercussions, maintenance costs or any other consequences of failing to protect your premises or staff.

If you choose to engage a professional security company, you can rest assured that the service you receive will meet all relevant legal requirements, that all staff will be properly trained and vetted and that, not only are security incidents far less likely to occur, but, if they do, you won’t be left to pick up the pieces on your own.


Flexibility and Scalability

As a business owner, you want your company to grow. As it does, the security measures you need to have in place will change. New premises, for example, can usher in a whole ream of new security issues. As can the purchase and installation of new hardware, plant and equipment.

Growing an internal security team can take a long time, meaning that your security may be compromised during transitional periods. At the same time, as your in-house security team grows, so will the costs associated with it – which can result in the need to channel resources away from core projects, with the result being slower or stymied growth.

If you choose a professional security provider, you can scale up or down your security requirements as and when you need. This ensures that your business is properly protected throughout the duration of transitional periods and that your resources can be allocated more effectively.

Additionally, a private security provider will be able to cover any temporary security requirements you may have. For example, if you require event security on an irregular basis, you will be able to access this quickly and efficiently whenever you need – without having to grow or further train your existing security team.


Access to Additional Solutions  

The word “security” covers an extensive range of activities. CCTV monitoring, static guarding, mobile patrols, retail security, access control, physical intervention, crowd control – the list goes on.

The services your business requires may change over time. For example, if you open up a secondary office, you may require a keyholding service or regular mobile patrols. Implementing new security practices can be difficult. Doing so often requires purchasing new equipment (in the case of mobile patrols, for example, this could be vehicles; in the case of increased surveillance, a CCTV system) and hiring new staff.

This makes it hard for companies to implement the security solutions they require. Unfortunately, the result is that, all too often, businesses let their security practices lapse as they struggle to find the right providers, research and purchase new equipment and train or hire new staff.

A good private security company will already be an expert in each of these areas. This means that they can provide any additional services required quickly and properly – saving you time and money, as well as making sure the quality of your security never drops.


How to Find a Good Security Provider 

The UK security industry is thriving. But finding a good provider can be difficult. That said, with the right know-how there are some things you can look out for when choosing a new provider.


SIA-Licensing – The SIA is the industry responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK. Individuals working in the security industry require an SIA license in order to legally carry out their job. As such, always ask a potential provider if their staff are SIA-licensed. If they’re not, the company is breaking the law.

• ACS Pacesetters – The SIA operates a scheme to help businesses and individuals identify the very best security companies. Known as the ACS Pacesetters, this group represents the top 15 percent of UK security companies (as determined via extensive and continued assessments by the SIA). If possible, choose a company which belongs to the ACS Pacesetters.

• Other Accreditations – Good security providers will also place a high value on gaining other accreditations. These may include qualifications which demonstrate that they treat their staff properly, that they operate in an environmentally friendly way or that they adhere to good health and safety practice.


Since its foundation in 1993, Churchill Security has grown into one of the UK’s leading private security companies. All of our guards are SIA-licensed and we belong to the top five percent of all UK security companies – making us a top-tier member of the ACS Pacesetters. We also have ConstructionLine membership – which ensures we our services are fit for private and public sector security work – and are SafeContractor approved.

In order to grow into the nation-wide security provider we are today, our company has been through a lot of changes. However, our ambition has always been the same: to provide first-class, cross-industry security services to companies of all sizes.

We have a ninety-five percent customer retention rate, maintain an average of 350 active sites and have and average alarm response time of 30 minutes.

You can find out more about our company and our accreditations here.

Churchill Security provides a comprehensive range of security services and operates nation-wide. Whatever your security needs, we’ll be able to provide a solution that works for you.

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John Melling is a Director for Churchill Security Ltd. John is a highly motivated, determined and decisive security industry professional. Drawing on his extensive experience gained within the security industry whilst working on the coalface John has operated at all levels within the industry. He has a proven track record for motivating and leading high performance teams and has helped mentor and develop many people at Churchill who now hold key or senior positions within the business. John is committed to delivering only the finest services, exercising compelling leadership, maintaining good internal morale and striving to resolve any challenges efficiently and effectively.