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As the nation begins to gradually return to work, how exactly they’ll be getting there has now come to the forefront of the discussion.

Social distancing whilst commuting

Long before the words ‘coronavirus’ and ‘social distancing’ became ingrained in our vocabulary, crowded commutes on trains and buses were a staple of modern working life.  Now times have changed and we’re living in a world where overcrowded buses and trains could become a hotbed of infection if the correct measures are not put into place.

With so many people dependent on public transport to get from A to B, the industry is having to completely revolutionize in order to ensure the safety of commuters and the general public. Ensuring social distancing measures on public transport is fraught with challenges. There are peak commuting times when public transport is in higher demand, specifically before 9am and after 5pm, and catering to this demand whilst balancing social distancing measures is certainly no easy feat.

Transport for London has already implemented social distancing on tube services, requiring passengers to wear face masks and severely limiting passenger capacity, only carrying around 13-15% of previous passenger numbers in order to enforce the two-metre social distancing rule. To maintain appropriate social distancing across busy transport links, passengers will be prevented from boarding a train or bus if the service has reached maximum capacity, which may lead to longer queuing times and increased crowds at the station.  With this in mind, train stations and bus stations may require crowd control measures, a security activity that could require a professionally qualified, SIA licensed security officer.

This is where private security companies such as Churchill Security can step in to help the nation get back to work safely. Our highly qualified security officers have the knowledge, skills, and training to provide this much needed crowd control across the country. With our extensive range of security services and the latest crowd control technology, we can implement an effective return to work solution for transport hubs across the UK.


Access Control and Crowd Control

At Churchill Security, our guards are experienced in access control and crowd control. As the number of people passing through transport hubs gradually increases as more sectors return to work, crowd control at stations will be necessary to enforce  correct social distancing and  to ensure additional passengers do not board a bus or train that has already reached  maximum capacity. With a reduced passenger capacity, the number of commuters queuing at the station is likely to significantly increase, bringing with it security concerns from a crowd control perspective.  Our experienced, SIA licensed security guards can monitor queuing crowds and man access to buses or trains, safeguarding passengers and staff whilst ensuring the new social distancing measures are observed at all times.


Social Distance Monitoring

Limiting the spread of the virus whilst the nation returns to work is a top priority and vital to preventing a ‘second wave’. Sustained adherence to social distancing measures is essential to the nation’s fight against COVID-19, with transport hubs across the UK adapting to make provisions for social distancing at stations and on public transport. Tube stations, for example, have already placed distance markers on the floor to assist with social distance queuing. A strong on-the-ground security presence can also ensure that social distancing measures are strictly followed at transport hubs, as our professional yet approachable guards will remind commuters of the new policy, and are trained to handle verbal and physical confrontation in a professional and appropriate manner, should the situation escalate beyond this.


Experienced, SIA Licensed Guards

It’s a sad fact to acknowledge but across the UK, key workers have experienced unprecedented levels of abuse during the lockdown period. Transport workers are sadly no exception. There have been alarming reports of transport staff being verbally abused, coughed on, and spat at, by people threatening to have coronavirus. It goes without saying that no one should suffer this kind of abuse whilst at work, especially those who are on the front line and keeping the country going during this difficult time. Our SIA licensed security guards are trained to deal with a variety of security situations, including physical and verbal confrontation, and are qualified to take statements, conduct interviews, and liaise with the police in the event of a security breach. With a visual on-site security presence at a transport hub, employees can get on with their essential work without having to worry about their safety.


People Flow Control

Our People Flow Control system is designed to monitor how many people are entering and leaving a specific area and provide automated access control for areas with a limited capacity, such as buses and trains. Using the latest AI technology to track and monitor the continuous flow of people, our software can be programmed to restrict the number of commuters on a bus or train, automatically tracking the flow of the people entering and exiting to ensure the set limit is never exceeded. With its simple setup and operation, our People Flow Control Solution can be quickly deployed, providing an effective all-in-one, unmanned solution to monitoring social distancing measures at transport hubs.


Thermal Imaging

Churchill Security can supply thermal imaging technology which takes accurate temperature readings of multiple individuals at once using advanced facial recognition software. This technology has the potential to be a gamechanger in the fight against COVID-19. Elevated body temperature is one of the key symptoms of COVID-19, with temperature readings used to detect those potentially infected. Early detection and self-isolation is essential to minimising the spread of COVID-19 in the community, especially in environments with high foot traffic and potential for close contact, such as transport hubs.

Considering social distancing measures, taking the temperature of individuals with traditional methods, or even infrared thermometers, can pose a major risk. Thermal imaging can scan multiple individuals simultaneously at a safe distance, without the need for operators to come into contact or get close to commuters. With thermal imaging detecting elevated body temperatures in a crowd, this technology has the potential to detect possible carriers, who can then self-isolate and seek further assessment before any potential spread can occur.


Churchill Security is a leading cross-industry security company supplying professional and comprehensive security solutions to organisations seeking expert Security Guards, CCTV & Event Security, Key Holding & Alarm Response, Mobile Patrols and Thermal Imaging & People Flow.


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