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Compliance And Support With Churchill Security

supporting a safer return to work

The light is now firmly within sight for a return to work for many sectors of the economy. Doing it safely and effectively can mean the difference between staying open and another round of lockdowns. Never before have businesses had to think about the safety of their employees and customers in a way that they will have to moving forward, some may not have the resources to do this without support from outside their organisation.

Social distancing and compliance are some of the key  challenges facing everyone in business. How do you manage it, what policies do you put in place and how do you enforce it?

Whilst a return to work is not particularly complicated to implement for employees, utilising your own staff to maintain and enforce social distancing for customers comes with its own set of difficulties.


Social Distancing Marshalls

Keeping up to date and understanding how and when guidelines need to be implemented and administered can be a minefield for retail business owners. Due to the constantly evolving information and guidelines, Churchill is continually training Distancing Marshalls on how to apply measures safely and effectively including the use of conflict resolution amongst other challenges.

Churchill Security has formally trained staff that are aware of the procedures needed to continue to keep safe, protecting themselves and others, minimising the risk of any further potential transmission of the COVID-19 within your workforce and customers.

The use of Social Distancing Marshalls allows for businesses to mitigate staff responsibility for systems, policies and procedures that they may not be qualified in and could be liable for, allowing for a more business as usual approach with staff able to still dedicate time to their core duties.Whilst Social Distancing is the core function for a much safer return to work there is a raft of other measures that can be added to ensure an even greater degree of safety and wellbeing for everyone involved, depending on your business and its needs.


COVID-19 Risk Assessments

Churchill Security Ltd can offer support in compiling a Risk Assessment for your premises. By analysing and identifying possible risks, we can make judgement and assessments on how to best mitigate those risks to ensure safe and secure environments for your people and customers.

Having professional risk assessments allows for the wellbeing of staff and customers to be maintained in an appropriate manner, according to the latest government guidelines during the return to work phase. The fluid nature of the guidelines can be difficult to keep up with, but Churchill is continually assessing and amending any challenges as they present themselves.


People Flow Control

The system we use is designed to monitor how many people are entering and leaving a specific area.

Made up of an AI Starlight camera, a monitor, the DSS Express software license, and the option of a PoE switch, this system provides an all-in-one solution to monitoring social distancing measures. With its simple setup and operation, our People Flow Control Solution can be quickly deployed in a number of situations and public places.

Our cameras use advanced AI technology to track and monitor the continuous flow of people, with our DSS Express software being effectively calibrated to allow you to limit the number of occupants in your premises, as well keeping an up to date track of the flow of the people entering and exiting. The system can be set to your specific restrictions, allowing you to choose the maximum occupants and the entrance you wish to monitor.


Thermal Imaging

With the advent of viral outbreaks like COVID-19, enhanced measures need to be in place for some businesses to maintain the wellbeing of employees and customers alike.

Across the UK businesses are utilising thermal imaging to maintain and safeguard business operations, allowing for greater health security and initial detection before issues occur.

Using thermal cameras can be more discrete, efficient, and effective in identifying individuals that need further screening. A variety of organisations including factories, transportation, manufacturing and first responders use thermal screening as an Elevated Body Temperature detection method and as part of employee health and screening.

Detecting any security threats early is the best way to prevent issues from spiralling and this is no different from viral and health security challenges.

Thermal imaging used to detect elevated body temperatures is one measure that can be applied in the early detection of health problems and allows suspected carriers to be assessed for further screening before any potential spread can occur.

However, not all thermal detection equipment is equal and careful consideration needs to be made when contemplating thermal imaging for your business.

There is no doubt there will be many hurdles ahead for businesses in the UK and the environment in which we all operate has changed forever, with social distancing and other associated measures to be in place for some time to come. However, Churchill is continually reviewing and updating procedures based on the latest Government advice so businesses can be assured that any challenges they may have can be answered and fixed before they even arise.


Churchill Security is dedicated to supporting the retail sector in a safe return to work and if you need help with any or all of the suggested safety measures please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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