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From 24th July, shoppers will be required to wear face coverings in UK shops or risk a £100 fine.

How Churchill Security can help implement the new face mask rule in the work place


The announcement comes as the UK slowly emerges from lockdown, with shops, pubs, and hairdressers getting back to business after three challenging months. Whilst children under 11 and those with certain disabilities will be exempt from this rule, the rest of the public will be required to wear a face covering in shops and shopping centres. These can include surgical masks, cloth masks and home-made masks, as well as something as simple as a bandana or scarf that ties behind the head.

According to research, face coverings can dramatically reduce the risk of spreading the virus, catching droplets released from coughing, sneezing, and talking and preventing them from infecting other people. Face coverings have also been shown to protect the wearer from contracting the virus- making it a no brainer for those able to wear a mask.  A recent study from Oxford University has demonstrated that even reusable cloth masks can provide over 95% filtration, significantly reducing the risk of viral transmission, especially when paired with social distancing and thorough handwashing practices. Indeed, face coverings could prove to be essential to the re-opening of the economy, allowing Britain to get back to work without risking a deadly second wave.

Whilst police officers will enforce this policy and issue fines for rule-breakers, police chiefs have vocalised their concerns, stating that it would be ‘nigh-on impossible’ to enforce these measures. Retail employees will not be expected to enforce face coverings, leading some to question the feasibility of enforcing this protective measure in shops and retail businesses. As some retailers have pointed out, getting police to respond to shoplifting is challenging enough, let alone face mask violations.

For retail businesses wondering how to protect staff and shoppers from those refusing to wear a mask, this is where Churchill Security can step in. Our highly trained officers have been there for UK businesses during lockdown and will continue to support the country as it gets back to work. We’ve been adapting to the changing needs of the nation, providing security services, access control, back to work solutions and COVID-19 cleaning options to retail businesses across the UK.  Our SIA-licensed security officers can help you implement a no mask, no entry policy in your retail premises, helping to protect your staff and other shoppers from the spread of COVID-19.


Crowd Control and Access Control

Our highly trained, fully licensed security guards can provide crowd control and access control for your retail business, ensuring your social distancing policy is correctly followed, and that every customer entering your store is wearing a mask. With many shops limiting their store capacity and operating a one-in, one-out policy to allow for social distancing, customers are now facing lengthy queues to enter stores. This presents a unique challenge for retail businesses, who now find themselves having to monitor outside queues, store access and face coverings to ensure the safety of staff and shoppers.  As an experienced security provider, Churchill Security can carry out expert crowd control and access control on your behalf, so you can concentrate on running your business and your employees can carry on with their own professional duties.

Retail managers employing staff to monitor outdoor queues and enforcing the new face covering policy need to make sure that this is lawful. Anyone performing this, or any other “licensable activities” that manage social distancing, should be properly qualified and hold a full SIA licence.


SIA-licensed Security Guards

All our officers hold a full SIA licence, a security qualification issued by the Security Industry Authority, a Governmental regulatory body for the private security industry. Our officers undergo thorough training, and are equipped to deal with all situations, including verbal and physical altercations, in a professional and discrete manner.

47% of Britons think that face coverings should not be compulsory, citing feeling uncomfortable, difficulty communicating and infringement on personal freedom as reasons not to wear a mask. Given the opposition to face coverings among the general public, there will no doubt be people breaking the rules, potentially putting retail employees and other shoppers at greater risk. Our professional security guards can remind customers of the rules, and ensure they’re observed on-site. If a customer rejects the request to wear a mask, our officers will enforce your no mask, no entry policy at the door, and can diffuse the situation should it become confrontational. Indeed, the union Usdaw has noted that retail employees are already dealing with more abuse than normal, and fear that the new face covering policy will trigger further abuse. Everyone has the right to feel safe at work and with our SIA-licensed officers on the case, managers and employees no longer have to deal with aggressive or abusive customers.


COVID-19 Trained Officers

At Churchill Security, all our staff are trained in multi-role capacities, including health and safety training and basic or advanced first-aid. On top of this, our security officers receive regular training on COVID-19 best practices. With COVID-19 guidelines and information constantly evolving, we are continuously training our staff on how to apply Government policy safely and effectively. At Churchill Security, we have also formally trained staff on hygiene and social distancing procedures, ensuring they can keep themselves and the public safe and minimise further transmission of COVID-19.

We supply all our staff with the equipment necessary to protect themselves from the virus, including masks, hand sanitiser, and cleaning equipment, so our staff feel safe and properly safeguarded at work. Churchill Security has also adopted thorough internal protocols, including risk assessments and temperature checks, to ensure all our staff are healthy and ready to work.


For more information on the new face covering policy coming into effect on July 24th, please click here. For information on how to correctly wear a face covering and how to make a homemade mask, please click here.


Do you think wearing a face covering in shops should be compulsory?


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