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In every profession, you’ll experience daily challenges and difficulties. Adversity is part of working life and approaching problems with a resilient mindset helps us succeed.


The challenges Churchill face and how they deal with them

At Churchill Security, we pride ourselves on our proactive employees; they’re at the heart of our company and make Churchill Security the successful business that we are.

Working for Churchill means constantly evolving and coping with challenges and trying moments in a professional and customer-focused manner. Ultimately, challenges are an opportunity for learning and professional growth, which is one of our key virtues here at Churchill Security. Being open about the challenges we face allows us to grow as a company and individuals, so we never shy away from an opportunity for honest self-reflection. In this spirit, we decided to ask our employees about their biggest daily challenges, how they tackle them and what they’ve learnt from their time at Churchill Security.


Elliot, Customer Care Executive

“I’ve been working at Churchill as a Customer Care Executive for 2 years. This role is so varied that every day is different, so there’s plenty of challenges to overcome and even more opportunities for learning and growth. One of the biggest daily challenges I face working in customer service is dealing with challenging complaints. When customers are annoyed, they can sometimes take their frustrations out on you as their first point of contact and a representative of the company. All businesses experience customer complaints at some point or another. In these situations, it’s important to tackle the customer complaint head on to get to the root of the problem and achieve the best outcome for everyone involved.

At Churchill Security, we have a strong management team that works together to correct any issues and complaints, ensuring we deliver the high levels of service we pride ourselves on. This gives the customer the confidence that action is being taken to resolve their complaint. We always follow up to make sure the customer is happy with their service and feels confident returning to Churchill for additional services as and when needed. Working with the Churchill team, I’ve learnt that everyone has diverse strengths and different areas of expertise, which makes us the great team we are.”


Emily, Credit Controller

“I’ve been working at Churchill Security now for 5 years as a credit controller. If time at Churchill Security has taught me one thing, it’s that you never know what’s just around the corner. Working at Churchill is about adapting and overcoming challenges as and when they arise. When they say that the security industry is 24/7, it means just that. It’s non-stop but never boring! One of the biggest challenges I face at work is chasing for upfront payments.  Customers don’t always understand why we need them to pay in advance, but just like they need security on site, we need security for our business. We have to limit the risk to Churchill and unfortunately sometimes this means we have to ask customers to pay in advance due to their credit rating or previous payment history with Churchill. Thankfully, I have a wonderful team who support me and are always there to help. If I don’t know the answer to the question, there is always someone in the team who does.”


Katie, Client Relationship Executive

In September, I will have been working at Churchill for 3 years as a Client Relationship Executive. Churchill has taught me a lot since joining. I came fresh from college so hadn’t been in a corporate environment before. Adjusting to that was new and exciting and I now know so much more about how businesses operate. Being in a sales environment means there’s a lot of day to day challenges. The biggest one for me is trying to teach customers about our industry and emphasising that it’s not about price but quality. A lot of customers just want the best deals to save costs, but this can jeopardise the quality of service provided and the safety of the site. It’s better to pay for a professional and good quality service than deal with the aftermath of crimes such as theft and vandalism.

Helping people understand how important it is to choose quality over price for their security requirements is a big part of my job. Within the senior management team alone, I’d say there’s over a 100 years’ worth of experience. We’ve seen it all and know our industry inside out. By talking through the evolution of our company, our virtues and professional accreditations, we demonstrate our professionalism, expertise and passion for our industry, building trust and assurance with our customers. To anyone just starting out in the industry, my advice would be to learn more about the security sector prior to joining, paying particular attention to the industry leading accreditations and licences; continuous learning is so important to excel in general but especially at Churchill.”


Top 5 Tips to Develop Resilience in the Workplace

Resilience is the ability to bounce back when things go wrong. Developing a resilient approach to problem-solving is vital to success in the workplace. If we quit when confronted with everyday challenges, nothing would ever get done. Everybody has some form of resilience but like most things, it’s a skill that can be developed and refined, helping you to bounce back quicker and stronger than ever to tackle the challenges at hand.

Develop Mental Agility

Mental agility is the ability to switch from reacting to responding to challenges and stress. Emotional responses to problems are entirely human but after that initial reaction, switching to a more objective and rational response is important for workplace resilience.

Productive Self-Reflection Is Everything

There’s a vital difference between self-criticism and self-reflection. Self-criticism breeds negative self-talk, such as I’m a failure’ and ‘I never do anything right’. This uses a lot of emotion and energy but earns you very little in return. Self-reflection is a much more positive process, involving an introspective evaluation of your thoughts, attitudes, and behaviour to grow from challenges.

Be Kind to Yourself

People assume that resilience means you have to have a stiff upper lip at all times. But developing resilience is also about learning self-compassion and knowing when to take a step back to look after yourself first. Resilience is a part of strong mental health, so don’t be afraid to put yourself first and take a step back if needed.

Seek Support From Your Network

When confronted with a challenge that seems insurmountable, don’t be afraid to reach out to colleagues or managers for support and guidance- you could end up learning new skills or techniques which help you tackle the problem independently in the future.


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John Melling is a Director for Churchill Security Ltd. John is a highly motivated, determined and decisive security industry professional. Drawing on his extensive experience gained within the security industry whilst working on the coalface John has operated at all levels within the industry. He has a proven track record for motivating and leading high performance teams and has helped mentor and develop many people at Churchill who now hold key or senior positions within the business. John is committed to delivering only the finest services, exercising compelling leadership, maintaining good internal morale and striving to resolve any challenges efficiently and effectively.