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Where is the more dangerous place to live, Greater Manchester or London?


Where is the more dangerous place to live, Greater Manchester or London?


If you, like many others, assume it’s London, you’d be wrong. While our nation’s capital finds itself repeatedly on the news for knife-crime, drugs and gang warfare, it turns out that you’re more likely to be a victim of crime up north.

Taking a deeper dive into the stats, the picture becomes clearer. According to recent crime statistics, London doesn’t even make the top 5 most dangerous places to live in the UK. West Yorkshire comes out on top with 107.6 crimes reported per 1000 people, with Cleveland following in close second with 106.6 and Greater Manchester in third place with 95.9 crimes per 1000 people, meaning you’re more likely to be a victim of crime there than in London.

Top 5 UK counties with the highest crime rates:

  • West Yorkshire
  • Cleveland
  • Greater Manchester
  • Humberside
  • Lancashire

When it comes to crime by category, your property is more likely to be a victim of criminal damage and arson in Greater Manchester than in London, with the northern powerhouse once again making the top 5 in this category with 14.08 crimes reported per 1000.  Despite this, and the higher general crime rate in Greater Manchester, London still tops the top 5 in theft and robbery, with 49.6 and 3.77 crimes reported per 1000 people respectively. In both these categories, however, Greater Manchester is never far behind, coming in third for theft with 42.9 crimes per person and robbery with 2.60.


Tackling Violent Crime In Greater Manchester  

The rise in crime is no doubt a concern for both the residents and authorities of Greater Manchester. Given the alarming statistics, the Greater Manchester Police have implemented a number of schemes to tackle crime and violence across the county.

The Greater Manchester Violence Reduction Unit was founded in 2019, uniting the Greater Manchester Police, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, National Probation Service, local authorities, health and education professionals and youth justice to tackle the underlying causes of violent crime in communities. As part of this, the Greater Manchester police have introduced a number of preventative initiatives to tackle violent crime across the county, which aim to prevent young people from getting involved in knife crime.  By engaging on a community level and focusing on education and advice sessions, the GMP hopes to reduce the levels of violent crime on the streets of Greater Manchester.

Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester Bev Hughes commented: “Violent crime causes serious harm and blights the lives of victims, families and communities. We are committed, not only to strong enforcement against violent crime, but also to trying to prevent it happening. The work of this new unit will strengthen the good work already happening within our communities, bringing together police, local authorities, youth services, health, education and schools, as well as other criminal justice partners, to embed a community-led approach to prevention and enforcement.”

With the good working being carried out by the Greater Manchester Police, we hope that the crime statistics in the county will start going in the right direction.  In the meantime, however, your business and livelihood remain at a high risk of crime. With the current criminality in the North West of England, you may be wondering how you can protect your business, staff and assets from crime. For a dedicated and reliable service, why not hire private security? With a comprehensive range of security solutions, Churchill Security can equip your North West business with a bespoke and reliable service.


Manned Security Guarding

Manned security guarding remains one of the best ways to protect your property, acting as a strong visual deterrent against crime. When you choose Churchill Security for your security guarding services, you can be sure that you’ll receive a high-quality service, carried out by professionally trained SIA-licensed officers. Our manned security officers will guard the entrance of your North West property or site, ensuring only those authorised to do so can access your premises and that trained professionals are on hand in the event of a security breach or incident. Our expert security officers are trained to respond to a range of security incidents, including violent or verbal altercations, in an appropriate and professional manner. In the event of a serious incident, our officers are trained to liaise with the relevant authorities for an optimal outcome.



CCTV is a valuable security tool that can provide your business with an extra pair of eyes across your North West site. Whether your business requires a full CCTV service, system updates or proactive CCTV monitoring, Churchill Security can create the ideal CCTV solution for you. Our security operatives can carry out assessments on your existing CCTV system to minimise blind spots, improve coverage and ensure an optimal service. CCTV works best when paired with expert security monitoring, and Churchill Security can provide SIA-licensed officers, trained to identify and respond to suspicious and criminal behaviour and launch an effective rapid response to any incidents.


Alarm Response Service

If your property alarm is triggered, there’s no guarantee that the police will respond. Ensure that there’s always a trained professional to respond to any potential or genuine security breaches with an alarm response service.  When you hire security professionals to respond to any alarm activations, you can be sure that any suspicious situations will be fully investigated and dealt with promptly and efficiently. Our expert officers can be on call 24/7/365 to respond to any and all alarm triggers for peace of mind that your North West property will be fully protected against criminals. If an alarm response is conducted, you won’t be woken up in the middle of the night. Instead, reports will be kept of each callout, so you can update yourself at a time that is convenient for you.


Mobile Security Guarding

If you require security for a larger property or outdoor site, then you may wish to consider mobile security. Mobile security can deliver security that goes beyond a fixed location and includes services such as internal and external patrols, open-air security, and vehicle patrols, allowing security officers to implement effective security on a larger scale. With the ability to supply fully uniformed officers, marked patrol cars and signage, potential criminals will know that your site is protected by Churchill Security.  Acting as an effective visual deterrent, our patrols significantly reduce the opportunity for crime such as trespassing, vandalism and theft.


Churchill Security is a leading cross-industry security company supplying professional and comprehensive security solutions to organisations seeking expert Security Guards, CCTV & Event Security, Key Holding & Alarm Response, Mobile Patrols and Thermal Imaging & People Flow.


To find out more about how Churchill Security can protect your North West business, contact us today.

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